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Since the library is primarily funded with public monies the board and staff strongly believe in financial transparency.  It's your library and you have the right to know where the money comes from and that we are spending it effectively. 

The library's budget is not that complex however there are some library specific line items which may not make sense unless you understand some of the particulars of public library operations.

If you ever have any questions please contact a board member or the director.

Yearly financials

  • Approved by the board December 17, 2020

    The document also included 2020 YTD through November, the 2020 budget income and expenditures, and 2015 through 2019 actual.

    If you ever have any questions regarding the library's budget please contact the director or a board member.

Monthly financials

Monthly financials will be posted on the website following board approval at each monthly meeting.  The board and director go over the prior month's financials at the meeting, so we are always a month behind.