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The stereotype of library work is library staff sits around all day, reading books, and scowling at people who interrupt them.

That's just not the case, particularly in a modern public library.  Work in a public library is all about helping people.  Public is the important word in public library, and if you understand that, this might be the place for you.

Positions Available

  • Thank you for expressing interest in a career with us. We have no open positions available at this time, but we always accept resumes. If a position should become available in the future, the opening will be posted here.

    You can still make a difference for our organization by volunteering. This is a great way to explore if our organization would fulfill your career objectives.

Volunteering at the library

  • Are you interested in volunteering to help at the library? Please fill out the volunteer application below and return it to any member of staff. The library utilizes volunteers to help with special projects and events.

Library Resources